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My Approach

I believe we are all unique individuals and to be able to fulfil our true potential and thrive, we need to be seen; truly seen.  This can often be very challenging, for to be seen for who we really are can feel quite exposing; terrifying even. I offer the opportunity to explore oneself, past or present difficulties in a safe, supportive and nurturing environment, at a pace that suits the individual.

Frequently, many of our difficulties stem from shaping and adapting ourselves to suit our environment, rather than us reflecting our true nature.  This might be down to our early experience of school or play, plus the rules we had to abide by to achieve love or recognition in our family group; our ‘pack’.  Children are often praised for not getting upset or forbidden from showing anger.  These result in adaptations being made, while our true feelings become buried or supressed. In essence, we adapt a new 'blueprint' that we see as acceptable to the world we inhabit. However, these feelings will undoubtedly remain within us – somewhere; often manifesting as emotional outbursts, recurrent self-sabotaging behaviour, depression, or as physical manifestations such as headaches, gut upsets or skin conditions.

I value the notion of exploring one’s past, to enable each individual to live as their true self.

I offer both short-term and long-term therapy. The time will depend on the individual, for what feels appropriate and the work we set out to do together.


Tel: 07506664004


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