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What To Expect

Once I have received your enquiry, we can either have an initial phone conversation or meet, in person, at one of my practice locations. At this initial stage we can establish if we feel comfortable enough to work with one-another. If so, we can arrange a time to meet for our first session.
At the first session I will ask you in more detail about what has brought you to therapy, about your current circumstances such as relationships, support networks and details of your history.
Having met for our first session, if you would like to meet again and I feel I am able to support you, we can arrange a subsequent meeting.  I will recommend we meet for a number of sessions and provide you with details of my commitment to confidentiality and data protection, plus a therapeutic contract.  A therapeutic contact is not a legal contract but more a commitment for our work together.  We sometimes refer to this as a ‘Therapeutic Alliance’.
As we approach the end of the initial agreed sessions, I recommend that we review how useful they have been for you and how you are feeling about the process. At this point, we can determine if you feel happy to continue and agree a time to review our progress again.
I will always show you respect and ensure your best interest is at the heart of our work.


Tel: 07506664004


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